Families United, Inc.'s goal is to provide temporary housing and invaluable opportunities to displaced and homeless youth.


To work collectively and cooperatively with community businesses and agencies in assisting homeless and displaced youth with their needs. They will receive nurturance, social services, life skills, education, workforce training and business development to become self-reliant contributors to the community.


Children, young men and women, and families deserve the very best life has to offer. It is the belief that if provided the right opportunities and services, individuals will aspire to achieve their life goals. Families United, Inc.'s goals for those they service are:

  • Reduced crime

  • Reduced prison recidivism

  • Increased student academic achievement

  • Reduction in number of foster children

  • Reduction in number of displaced youth

  • Reduced substance abuse

  • Reduced domestic violence

  • Increased family cohesiveness

  • Reduction in youth gangs

  • Increased family financial stability

  • Increased community development