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Did you know the common causes of youth becoming homeless are:

  • Running away from home (often due to neglect or abuse)

  • LGTBQ orientation

  • Previously ward of state/aging out of foster care

  • Neglect and Abandonment

  • Abuse (Sexual, Emotional, Physical)

  • Substance Abuse

  • Death of guardian or caregiver

  • Financial instability

Families United, Inc. is currently in the process of raising funds to renovate its Aguila House; temporary sanctuary Maricopa's homeless and displaced youth.

Bring us closer to meeting our goal and Donate Today! We truly are gracious for you supporting Maricopa's youth. 


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Below is a form for individuals who are wiling to donate their time, skills and services to complete Aguila's House renovation. Select the tasks you are willing to volunteer your time for, based on your expertise and skills. Thank you for your generosity!

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