Serving Our City

Children, young men and women, and families deserve the very best that life has to offer. It is the belief that if provided the right opportunities and services,  they will achieve their life goals.

Temporary Housing

As living spaces and funds are available, Families United, Inc. will provide: emergency and temporary housing, food, clothing and social services for youth.

Education and GED

Assistance will be provided to youth seeking to obtain their High School Diploma/GED, complete the SAT or enroll in a community college/university to obtain higher education.


Career Development

Individuals will be provided with extensive career and business development resources (learn to type, computer software training, writing a functional resume, etc.).

Furthermore, youth excel when exposed to opportunity. Youth will be encouraged to engage in volunteer programs (both national and international), to learn, connect, lead, and thrive. 

Medical and Wellbeing

Families United, Inc. will partner with health care professionals  to provide exceptional quality care resources, workshops and services to those in need of medical, dental, vision and weight loss benefits as resources are available.